About Us

SI.ES. S.r.l.

SI.ES. S.r.l. and ‘a society’ which operates in the sector of ‘civil and industrial plants in order to satisfy the needs of the customer. Specializing in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical and instrumentation, through their experience in the field over the years, SI.ES. S.r.l. and ‘can design and implement any system’ ‘turnkey’ ‘and to provide its customers with a personalized service and impeccable. Constant research of the quality ‘of the products used and the service provided, SI.ES. S.r.l. and ‘the Company’ that has made professionalism ‘his rule, a sound principle that over the years has made it a leader in Italy and reality’ success in Europe.

Professionalism is the only rule

Has always been oriented to providing its customers with a 360-degree, SI.ES. S.r.l. relies exclusively on the expertise of a highly qualified staff.
Carefully selected by the leaders and prepared by further specific training courses, SI.ES. S.r.l. can ‘now count on professionalism’ of forty experienced staff are always able to meet customer expectations and achieve the quality standard of the corporate objectives. Proud of their independence and reliability ‘, our staff and’ our guarantee capable of every project, to ensure maximum efficiency and speed ‘of execution.

Organized for Success


For the design and implementation of any system, be it domestic or industrial SI.ES. S.r.l. has always adopted a model of work organization based on some fundamental principles such as the availability ‘of adequate resources to the project, empower themselves through their vehicles and equipment, the precise allocation of tasks and responsibilities’ of all business functions, the establishment of clear lines to facilitate the communicability ‘internal control methodical work procedures, supervision of all managers and senior management, and finally, the careful management of the orders. This operating model SI.ES. S.r.l. it has exported to perform in the best possible work abroad, especially in countries where the Company ‘and’ with this branch as it happens in Egypt, Bulgary and Poland.

Compliance with Commitments


Take up a post for SI.ES. S.r.l. and ‘, since its foundation, synonymous with commitment and duty. A business thinking that is shared by all of our employees that brings us to face any difficulties’ encountered during construction and to overcome to complete our work. Always find solutions more ‘suitable for any problem and achieve the required goal are two fundamental objectives and at the same time a result only made possible by the flexibility’ that sets us apart. SI.ES. S.r.l. and ‘it is always ready to mold itself to the more’ diverse needs of its customers, friendly and precise in its relationship with its partners and suppliers, and above all ‘a society’ always ready and willing to evolve by adopting standards and working methods of the customer and adapt their system solutions to their needs in full compliance programs and priorities’.

Quality factor

The competent and highly qualified, the availability ‘of human resources and adequate equipment and the precise organization of work converge into a single objective, that SI.ES. S.r.l. considered primary, or ensure that those who rely on our experience, a job always on time and very high quality ‘. As part of our commitment, SI.ES. S.r.l. ‘was certified complete according to UNI EN ISO 9001, and 2000, carried out by the Quality Manual’ and Related Procedures.

ISO 14001:2004

BS OHSAS 18001:2007

ISO 9001.2008


Safety factor


Personnel safety and health protection of workers for SI.ES. S.r.l. always issues of primary importanza. For this, not only our men follow special training courses on safety and are trained to comply with the general and specific rules in use in each site to maintain the condition of individual and collective protection and prevent injuries but they are always equipped with the best equipment and machinery and guaranteed by law, the pride of our Group.

Our Services


The Company SI.ES. S.r.l., specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of electrical and instrumentation, offers its clients the following services: – Electricity substations and distribution systems FM medium and low voltage; – Interior and exterior lighting; – Instrumentation, installation tools, primary connections, secondary connections and pneumatic; – Laying of control cables, control, power low, medium and high voltage connections execution and termination of MV and LV cables; – Activity ‘light carpentry for the construction and laying of the cable ways (read pipes, ducts and walkways portatravi).